Every brand has a story. Let us help you find yours.

Hello boss,

Ever considered hiring a journalist?

Now, you may be thinking: who in their right mind would hire a journalist? They’re nosy, rude and – worst of all – they ask way too many questions.

And you’d be right on all counts.

At Departure, we believe that every brand has a story. We also pride ourselves on our team of veteran journalists,  storytellers and editorial writers. As you may have already noted, such a team is often afflicted with the vices listed above.

Please, have a seat, and let’s talk about those three vices. Don’t worry: while incurable, they’re certainly not contagious.

We’re nosy: We have a dogged attitude towards uncovering the truth. Sleepless nights spent on hours of research? Par for the course.

We’re rude: Tact is less important to us than candour, proactive feedback and complete honesty about what we’re able to deliver to our clients.

We ask way too many questions: In the same way that an ocean consists of a multitude of drops, a good story consists of the answers to the right questions.

At Departure, we pride ourselves on finding the story behind every brand and figuring out the best way to tell you.

To date, some of the wonderful clients we’ve had the privilege of directing these questions at include:

If the story behind your business is a question that needs answering, we’d love to work with you.

Our Services:

Digital Storytelling (2)
Digital Storytelling

Create a content ecosystem. Connect with your audience. Find the story behind your brand.



Design, Visuals & Photography (2)Design, Visuals & Photography

If a picture truly speaks a thousand words, would you want it to be painted by Matisse, or by @beachlifebabe the teenage micro-influencer?

We work alongside SWELL, a D&AD award-winning design agency, and our brothers from other mothers.

Apps-IIBranding, Advertorial,
MediA Support

Got a press release that needs writing? Creating a brand campaign from the ground up? Need a unique voice and a bunch of tireless custodians to manage your social media platforms? Want someone to babysit your kids?

Fine, we won’t do that last bit. But for virtually everything else? We’ve got you covered, boss.



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If you’re a writer looking to contribute to Departure Magazine: you’re lost, dear friend.
But you must be a really patient individual. We appreciate that. Talk to our friendly editors here.