You’re flying budget on a 12-hour-flight to to x beautiful destination. There’s a squalling baby just across the aisle, and the guy by the window seat has the weakest bladder in the world. You’d love to get some shut-eye if only the damn seat weren’t designed by the experts in persuasion at Guantanamo Bay.

Ah, the joys of budget air travel. Brings a tear to one’s eye, doesn’t it?

If you’re a frequent flyer, you’re probably no stranger to the discomfort that comes with frequent flying: Stiff backs; strained necks; sore butts.  Thankfully, Gene Leong, the co-founder of Grit Gym, was happy to help us come up with a comprehensive workout regime to alleviate the physical stresses experienced by the frequent traveller.

Gene was quick to advice us that one of the best workout solutions for travellers with hectic schedules is to forego overly strenuous exercises in favour of stretching. “People who travel frequently usually develop some kind of tightness in several common areas,” he shared. “This may cause aches and lead to deterioration of posture. Priority should therefore be given to stretching and mobilising these areas, rather than working out hard and exacerbating these problems.”

Myofascial release goes a long way towards helping to alleviate the stiffness and discomfort of long flights. Gene helpfully demonstrates some equipment-light, easy to employ routines below.



The Equipment

We’ve kept the need to pack light in mind for this guide. The only equipment you’ll need to pack for these exercise are a small ball (a tennis ball will suffice) and a foam roller.

Pec Release 

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Trap Release

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Lat Release

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Scap Release

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Pec Stretch

Raise your arm in a 45 degree angle above your head and place it against a wall. Externally rotate your arm (imagine pointing your thumb backwards) and turn away from your shoulder. You should feel a stretch across your chest.












Thoracic Stretch

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Piriformis (fancy word for your side-butt) Release

Cross your leg on the side that you would like to release first. Place the foam roller along the side of your butt, below your hip, making sure that it is not on your hip bone or the fatty part of your butt. Put weight on the foam roller, letting the foam roller sink into the side of your butt as deeply as possible. Roll along the foam roller. This exercise can also be done with a ball.
Lizard Stretch/Hip Flexor Stretch

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Glut Stretch

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