You depart from an airport, land in a foreign city. You return to a city that you once knew, in a dream, or a memory.


In that moment, the city is your lover.

Not your friend. Not your client. Most certainly not your boss.

How well do you know your city?

In a steel factory in Kowloon, a band is playing raucous, sweat-flecked music on a tiny stage. In a smog-filled alley in Jakarta, a construction worker is sharing a cigarette with a backpacker. A tourist is getting dubious kanji inked onto his skin in Manila. Reservoir Dogs is playing on a flickering screen, in a refurbished sex cinema in Singapore. A couple is getting high on psilocybin mushrooms in Amsterdam.

Welcome to Departure.

We Believe

  • That travel writing isn’t about hotel reviews, and city life can’t be encapsulated in a press release.
  • That there is a need for an online medium that fuses the rigour of journalism with the dynamism of digital content.
  • In creating an online space where words and honesty are valued over clickbait and circulation numbers.

We Answer Some Of Your Burning Questions 

Departure wha-?
We’re a digital journal that covers travel and urban subcultures; we believe that it’s not just about exploring new cities, but also about seeing the city that you’ve lived in all your life with new eyes.

What’s with your weird categories, like Explorer and Curator?
At Departure, we believe that every writer has a different disposition towards travel and urban subcultures. We’ve decided to categorise our content in these broad categories, to make it easier for you to find the perspective that most resonates with you.

Do you guys have venture capital invested in your magazine?
Nah, we’re a bootstrap digital magazine fuelled by passion, caffeine and a dash of idealism. If we look posh, it’s thanks to our amazing designers over at Method Media.

I like what you’re doing. How can I help you crazy people?
Our Patreon account for small donations is now live! Click on the link if you’d like to buy our contributors a coffee.

If you enjoy the content, visit our Facebook page and give us a ‘like’.

Alternatively, if you have a great story you’d like to write, or just a heads up on something interesting happening in your city, drop us a hello at We promise to read and respond to every single one of your mails.

Who are the people behind Departure?
Just a bunch of young journalists and professionals, trying to be the change we want to see in the media industry. Scroll down to read more about our core team.

Meet The Team