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Brands need attention. DEPARTURE strives to marry content with brands to provide the recognition our brands deserve. Much like the way we structure our online editorial, we create effective and sustainable editorial systems to excavate engaging stories for brands.

Recent stories from our editorial:



The Self-Made Carpenter Greg Swyny offers us some words of wisdom.

Who: Greg Swyny What: Carpenter Where: Singapore Years of experience: 2 In the final instalment of our three-part series about craftsmanship in Singapore, we speak to carpenter, Greg Swyny, about learning life skills from his dad, and his most significant project. I started calling myself a carpenter when I first started The Woodwork Initiative at […]


Coffee With Aik Beng Chia On photography, love and kopi with butter.

“What is the use of having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?” -W. Eugene Smith Perhaps I’m trying to explain away my inadequacies as an interviewer, but it is difficult to talk about photography in a meaningful manner. That’s not to say that you can’t speak of […]


The Monk In The Luxury Hotel Lessons from a Himalayan Buddhist Master.

When it comes to religion, I have been called a libertine, a blasphemer, a dilettante and a skeptic. But even for someone as irreverent as myself, there’s something intimidating about the prospect of interviewing a Himalayan Buddhist Tulku.  In Himalayan Buddhism, a Tulku is a spiritual teacher, a religious custodian who reincarnates through the ages, and […]


Singapore’s Headquarter of Techno In the throes of thumping underground techno in a commercially oriented city state.

Clean, safe, efficient, rich, modern. A financial powerhouse where chewing gum is banned. This is how foreigners would describe Singapore. Most foreigners I’ve spoken to on language exchange app HelloTalk – on which I practise my French – have an impression of Singapore being a “good country”. One guy from Algeria was even surprised that […]


Workouts For Travellers Part 1 How to eliminate muscle tension from long flights.

You’re flying budget on a 12-hour-flight to to x beautiful destination. There’s a squalling baby just across the aisle, and the guy by the window seat has the weakest bladder in the world. You’d love to get some shut-eye if only the damn seat weren’t designed by the experts in persuasion at Guantanamo Bay. Ah, the […]


The Truth About Pole Dancing Experiencing pole dance; subverting gender stereotypes.

I’ve always believed that before you judge someone, you have to walk a mile in their heels. So on April 16, I girded my loins and took the plunge into the world of pole dancing, with a male trial class at Slap Dance Studio and a subsequent interview with the studio’s practitioners. Male friends looked […]


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