There are a few factors to consider when meal planning for your camping trips. If you’re trekking/hiking, not only do you have to hit your calorie count to maintain your energy levels, it’s best if your meals are nutrient dense as well. Protein is especially important to repair muscle damage and stave away hunger. You also want to minimise weight. It’s easy to just take a few packs of instant noodles with you, but that only works as a quick fix if you’re camping at a music festival, not climbing up a steep hill.

Trail mixes, granola bars, chocolates, and cookies are great for a snack or dessert on strenuous trails, but you still need a proper meal with some variety along the way. Here are some campfire cooking lessons you can learn to keep you going in the great outdoors.


The cookware you need to make this pizza is pretty lightweight and minimal. You just need pre-made dough, grated cheese, pepperoni, all in individual ziplock bags and you’re all set.


Yup, it’s possible to make pancakes, eggs, and potatoes over the grill if you can be bothered to bring a frying pan, cast iron skillet, and fresh eggs along with you. This works best if you’re on a roadtrip in an RV with a group of friends instead of an actual hiking trip.


Wrap your meat and veggies in an aluminium foil, chuck it on the fire and wait for it to cook. You’ll have a hearty, nutritious meal, and best of all, minimal clean up.


Beef up your instant noodle soups with dehydrated/preserved meat and dried mushrooms (soak ’em first) and you’ll have a warm balanced meal on a rainy day in the woods. All you need is water and a simple pot for cooking.


For those with a sweet tooth, we’re talking chocolate filled apples, pineapple upside down cake, S’mores cone, all wrapped in tin foils, roasting on an open fire. Works for a BBQ sesh as well.

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